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Good news for Paypal user, a long awaited news is finally here. Paypal has finally announced that you can start selling using Paypal in Egypt. Last year Paypal allowed to send money using local Paypal account in Egypt but you could not receive money till this month. Today Paypal removed all these restrictions on Egypt and now you can not only buy using Paypal account but also can sell and receive money using a local visa card issued from an Egyptian bank.
Paypal Fully Active in Egypt – Now you can receive money through Paypal

Paypal Fully Active in Egypt – Now you can receive money through Paypal

The news came today in our official account and we thought of sharing this with our readers. You can see more details here: https://www.paypal.com/eg/webapps/mpp/setup-to-receive-withdraw You can link a visa card issued from an Egypt bank to your Paypal and all the money you earned in a month will be transferred to this account automatically at the start of each month. You can also link a US bank account to your Egyptian Paypal where you can withdraw your money as well. Please also note that just last week Paypal also started accepting payment to UAE banks which was not supported earlier using a local company network.ae, this is the email that we received to our official Paypal account in UAE on July 1st: Dear Paypal user, you can now withdraw your PayPal funds from your PayPal account to any Emirati bank account. This is a cheaper, faster and more convenient alternative to withdrawing to your local credit card or to a USA bank. Basically you can withdraw any amount to the bank account and you are not limited to $2 500 USD as well as you won't pay $5 USD fee. Requirements:
  1. A UAE PayPal Business account
  2. A UAE trade license
  3. A UAE bank account in AED
  4. Registration on paypal-withdrawal.ae
How to get started:
  • Visit paypal-withdrawal.ae and log in with your PayPal credentials
  • Link your PayPal account. This will authorize our trusted partner, Network International, to transfer funds from PayPal
  • Upload the required documents
  • Allow up to 5 days for your documents to be reviewed and your account activated
How it works:
  • Once the PayPal Withdrawal Service is active, you will see your available USD PayPal balance by logging in on paypal-withdrawal.ae
  • You will be able to choose the amount you want to withdraw
  • Our partner, Network International, will convert the funds to AED and deposit the corresponding amount directly on your UAE bank account
IBIS wishes all Egyptian online sellers good luck and hope that they can get benefit of this offer and start selling more professionally. IBIS is a UK based digital marketing and web design company with offices in Egypt and UAE. If you need a eCommerce store and online presence, we have some great offers. We already helped a lot of eCommerce stores in Egypt. Please contact our customer support for a quotation.