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Traditional advertising such as newspapers, radio, and television are all equipped with the same setback, which is you do not know the kind of individual(s) you are sending your product or service out to. It is always possible to find out via demographics that younger audiences may not be reading newspapers, but are more likely to watch television. This can cause hiccups in your efforts to advertise because as tracking in offline business requires you to survey people. ad trackingOnline site promotion is a little simpler and easier to track. However, you need to make sure that you utilize the data you collect with an ad tracker to better target visitors that frequent your website. Ad tracking is a significant feature of website promotion because it enables you to not only track the date and time a person visits your site, but it also allows you to track their IP address and the site they came from. This data can then be used to block out certain referring websites and countries you don't want your promotions going to. The entire concept to ad tracking is not only to gather information on how many visits your site receives, but more importantly, who is visiting your site. The data collected isn’t always the most informative as you do not acquire the ages, names, or incomes of your visitors. However, you do get worthwhile demographic information as previously mentioned that can help facilitate a more effective method of targeting traffic on your website. As stated before, you will receive data in the form of dates, time, visitors IP address, site your visitors came from, and how many times your promotional link has been visited. Applying this information tactfully can help generate more visitors in the future, following your decision to block or deny access to visitors coming from other areas of the Internet or the world that you do not want accessing your website. All in all, promoting your site without the application of tracking your ads is by no means an intelligent way to run a successful online business. You should know who your visitors are and how you can better serve them.